India's fastest-growing next generation mobile shop.

Mobile Ki Dukan, founded in 2019 is Jaipur, Rajasthan's premier next-generation mobile shop, devoted solely to mobile shop owners in India offering to extend their reach and enhance walk-in traffic.

In less than four years, we have helped over 100 mobile stores in key locations and enhanced their online presence among relevant smartphone customers, establishing us as the premier mobile seller platform.

Our Mission : Meri Dukan Meri Pahchan
We aim to leverage the digital medium optimally, to enable easy discovery between trusted neighborhood mobile ki dukan options and the right customers living nearby through transparent listings. And we do all this without mandating any changes to your brand identity, philosophy or operating vision. Join the #MeriDukanMeriPahchan movement to become a #NextGenerationShop


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I envisioned building a platform optimizing the reach already created by mobile store owners through supplemental digital discovery. I want to uplift mobile shop owners without changing thier identity so they can proudly say  #meridukanmeripahchan  and in parallel also assists unserved consumer segments by profiling available seller competence as per usage needs. Launching Mobile Ki Dukan as a pure listings model seemed the logical first step. but traction from local retailers made us realize the bigger void in fragmented mobile accessories shopping. Inviting smaller entrepreneurs to set up inventory-taken care of movable outlets at low investments is proving a win-win.

I feel glad Mobile Ki Dukan’s vision taking shape in addressing real challenges for Rajasthan's mobile ecosystem participants using practical technology intervention. But this is just the beginning as we stay committed to keep evolving  innovative win-win program partnerships sustaining inclusive progress.