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Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City is a historical landmark as well as a fast-growing metropolis. As one of India's top smart cities today, demand and supply for the latest smartphones is very high here across hundreds of mobile shops catering to all brands and budgets.

But are all mobile stores credible enough? Do they offer genuine products at reasonable rates after understanding your usage needs? Can they guide you properly about features, specifications etc? This is where Mobile Ki Dukan steps in for Jaipur mobile phone buyers like you.

What is a mobile phone?

A mobile phone, also known as a cell phone or cellular telephone, is a small portable device that allows users to make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while they are moving within a telephone service area. Unlike fixed-location phones (landline phones), mobile phones are wireless and can be used to communicate over long distances without wires. Over time, mobile phones have evolved to do much more than just voice calls—they now accommodate web browsers, games, cameras, video players, and navigational systems. Today's mobile phones are commonly referred to as smartphones due to the additional voice and data services they offer.

Types of Mobile Phones

Before you pick mobile shops to visit physically or buy phones online, it is important to be aware of popular options:

1. Smartphones (Android, iOS etc)

High-end 4G smartphones like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, OnePlus, Xiaomi/Redmi etc are most in demand today. Priced anywhere between ₹5,000 to ₹100,000 based on brands, storage space, camera quality and features.

2. Keypad Phones

Basic mobile phones with tactile keypad buttons and numeric keyboard. Usually with small display screens sans touch input. Starts from as low as ₹800 going up to ₹5000 for brands like Nokia.

3. Dual SIM Phones

Mobile Phones with two SIM card slots providing flexibility. Almost all smartphones and keypad mobiles available now offer this at similar costs.

Top Smartphone Brands in India:

1. Samsung (over ₹10k to ₹1 lakh range)

Leads market with new models like Samsung Galaxy M, A series etc on Android OS and its proprietary Exynos chipset, they are available at most of the mobile shops and all retail partners of Mobile Ki Dukaan.

2. Apple iPhones (₹40k onwards)

Globally popular iOS running smartphones like iPhone 14, 13 series etc known for premium design, display and camera capabilities, these mobile phones provide high security and best camera.

3. Xiaomi (budget ₹7k-₹30k segment)

These smartphones are value for money devices like their popular Redmi Note, Redmi 10, 11 series on Android OS equipped with great battery life, RAM etc continue to win mass appeal in India.

4. OnePlus (mid premium ₹25k-60k)

Emerging faster in metro cities, the OnePlus 11, 11R, 10 Pro etc deliver high-end processors like Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+, 12GB RAM, 5G connectivity etc. Mobile phones from OnePlus pack the best hardwares and offer great performance.

What a Mobile Phone in Jaipur is Used For?

Here are several use cases of mobile phones:


  • Voice Calls: Making and receiving phone calls remains a fundamental use of mobile phones.
  • Text Messaging (SMS): Sending short messages to communicate with others is also a primary use of mobile Phones.

Internet Access and Browsing:

  • Web Browsing: Accessing websites, reading news, and searching for information about any topic is one of the most used features of mobile phones.
  • Social Media: Interacting with friends and family on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  • Multimedia Playback: Watching videos, listening to music, and viewing photos.
  • Gaming: Playing games on mobile phones for entertainment.

Productivity and Utilities:

  • Email: Checking and sending emails on the go.
  • Calendar and Reminders: Managing schedules and setting reminders.
  • Calculator: Performing basic calculations.
  • Alarm Clock: Setting alarms for waking up or reminders.

Navigation and Maps:

  • GPS Navigation: Using mobile phones for directions and location-based services.
  • Finding Nearby Places: Locating restaurants, gas stations, and other points of interest using Google Maps.

Photography and Video Recording:

  • Camera: Capturing photos and videos using the built-in camera in mobile phones.
  • Editing Apps: Enhancing and editing photos directly on the phone, or editing photos clicked from other mobile phones or cameras.

Mobile Banking and Payments:

  • Online Banking: Checking account balances, transferring funds, and paying bills or receiving payments through your mobile phones.
  • Mobile Wallets: Making payments using apps like Google Pay or Apple Pay, these mobile wallets can be used seamlessly by any mobile phone user.

Health and Fitness:

  • Fitness Tracking: Using health apps to monitor steps, calories, and workouts.
  • Health Reminders: Setting medication reminders and tracking health metrics.

Education and Learning:

  • E-Learning Apps: Accessing educational content, courses, and tutorials.
  • Language Learning: Practicing languages through mobile apps.

Emergency Situations:

  • Emergency Calls: Dialing emergency services (e.g., 911) during critical situations.

Remember, mobile phones have become versatile tools that impact various aspects of our daily lives!

What To Check Before You Buy?

  1. 1. Operating System & Processor: Android versions, Apple iOS or Qualcomm/ Mediatek chipsets determine overall performance, these operating systems vary in each mobile phone and serve different use cases. So choosing the right operating system for your smartphone is a crucial step.
  2. 2. Display Size & Type: Bigger AMOLED/LCD screens with higher resolution & aspect ratio offer better viewing experience, also the brightness of mobile phone displays can play a big factor for outdoor users.
  3. 3. RAM & Storage: Higher RAM (6GB-12GB) and internal storage (64GB-256GB) allows more apps, media files storage. Ideally a mobile phone with more than 4GB of ram is good for most of the users.
  4. 4. Rear & Selfie Cameras: More Megapixels (48MP-108MP), aperture size, optical zoom, image stabilization etc translate to detailed pictures and videos. But a mobile phone is not all about megapixels, the post processing plays a very important role too.
  5. 5. Battery & Fast Charging: Higher mAH battery capacity and support for fast charging like 65W chargers result in requiring lesser recharge cycles.

Questions You Must Ask Mobile Store Owners

  • Q1. Do you sell only brand new, sealed box mobile phones or also deal in used/refurbished sets?
  • Q2. Will I get a minimum 1 year manufacturer warranty on smartphones purchased from you?
  • Q3. Does the pricing include all mandatory taxes like GST at this store?
  • Q4. Which all bank cards do you accept for mobile phone payments here?
  • Q5. Can I get finance schemes & easy low-cost mobile phone EMI options?
  • Q6. Will you set-up the phone for me and transfer data from my old device?
  • Q7. In case of issues later, does your store offer free repair/service support?
  • Q8. Is there flexibility to return or exchange the device within 10-15 days here?
  • Q9. Do you recommend using mobile covers, screen guards for better safety?
**Choose Mobile Shops Matching Your Usage Needs**

Choose Mobile Shops Matching Your Usage Needs

While buying mobile phones can be exciting, ensure it also fits your lifestyle usage below among top sellers in Jaipur dealing in all popular brands:

  • 1. Basic 2G usage - Keypad mobiles with long battery life
  • 2. Smooth gaming & entertainment - High RAM/display phones
  • 3. Longer battery standby - Higher mAH capacity battery
  • 4. Great selfies & photography - Advanced camera specs
  • 5. Lots of storage for media & apps - Expandable storage

Genuine mobile shops listed by Mobile Ki Dukaan are thoroughly quality checked for after-sales service capabilities, device expertise and pricing transparency so that you get the right mobile every single time!